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I’m sure January means many different things to everyone. Some may take a vacation to a warm climate, join an exercise class, or just curl up with a good book.  For me, January means getting ready for the  Heart of Tennessee antique show!  I do something each and every day in January to prepare for my first show of 2020 and a new decade! I’m positive you’re going to find your hearts desire at the 5th annual HEART OF TENNESSEE ANTIQUE SHOW and SALE! Take a look at the show website to get a SNEAK PEEK of some of  the items you’ll see for sale at the show that opens at 4 PM, Thursday, February 13, 2020! Make your plans now! I look forward to seeing you there! We’re also open Friday and Saturday, February 14, and 15. ??
One board top tavern table with one dovetailed drawer
Charming, comfortable sofa
Settle bench
Early Cupboard, great for display with one small door
Painted wall shelf
Small painted bucket bench
Arm chairs
Cupboard Ex Marg Staufer
Corner shelf/ peg rack 
Round chair table Ex Rich and Susie Burman
A  collection of short and long shaved brooms 
(To be sold individually)
A collection of American treen plates 
(To be sold individually)
Hanging provisions shelf
Candle mold for 21 candles 
Painted wild game rack
Painted American lantern cc 1820
Painted miniature chest of drawers 
Painted watch safe
Whole cloth wool quilt (Linsey Woolsey)
Splay leg foot stool
Fragment mirrors 
Two hanging scrub boxes 
Two treen soap dishes 
Painted baskets 
Fire bucket
A nest of Burl bowls
(Sold individually or?)
Cresset light with makedo stand
Tallow candles
Visit Booth 15, shop to your heart’s content and have a homemade heart-shaped Cookie! See you there soon! 
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