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We’re busy getting ready for our 11th annual Christmas in the Cabin and hope you will join us! 
If you’re a regular visitor to the website, you probably know this is my last official “show” of the year, and it’s always fun! Rather than just one small booth you would see at a show, our cabin/shop is like seeing 6 booths.....and trust me, it is overflowing with all kinds of true antique furniture, antique accessories, and seasonal decorations. Whether you’re looking for a piece of furniture for your home or a gift for a collector friend, you may just find it here. We will also have hand made wreaths that you won’t find at the local big box store or Christmas tree lot and some are embellished with antiques. Let’s face it, we don’t have typical home decor, why should we settle for typical Christmas decorations? 
A painted one door cupboard with HL hinges EX Marge Staufer 
Two door server from New England 
Slab table 
Two red bucket benches 
Chimney cupboard in red paint
Corner cupboard in black paint 
Sorting table 
Drysink in mustard and red paint
Mustard wall table 
Three sets of Buttry shelves 
Two 18th C arm chairs 
Side chairs 
Windsor chair
Two cobblers benches
Round chair table 
Unpainted 2 door base cupboard 
Painted one door base cupboard 
Low 4’ settle bench
Five sets of shelves 
Settle chair
Large hornbeam
large early Mortar and pestle from a Vermont museum 
Copper sink
Two grey bucket benches 
Two hanging cupboards 
And so much more
Horse and cow Weathervane
Home made holiday Wreaths and swags (some with antiques attached)
Small trees 
In short, everything you need, including the kitchen sink!!! We sure hope you’ll join us for this annual event, always the first weekend in December from 9-4. The fire will be burning, cookies will be baked, all we need is you for some holiday cheer. The 1810 log cabin will open from 9:00-4:00 on Friday and Saturday December 6, and 7. Please be our guest, there is never a charge to enter. 
8211 Dunham Road 
Downers Grove, Illinois 60516
Questions?~ call Mary at~630-985-9449



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