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I'm looking forward to 2017 and hope you are too. Where we live, the temperature is hovering around zero, so the best place to be is close to the big stone fireplace in the shop. Christmas decorations are put away and plans are well under way for a trip to Nashville, TN for the POPULAR antique shows that fall during the week of Valentine's Day. For about 30 years I have looked forward to traveling 500 miles south where it's possible to see spring flowers blooming, rekindle old friendships, and have the opportunity to offer great country antiques for sale! This year please look for me at FIDDLERS, in Room 117. For the first time ever, I'll be there to great you Wed-Sat. February 15-18. I'm truly looking forward to this FUN EVENT!

Partial list of offering for Nashville

18th C one board top sawbuck table
Small 18th C tavern table with the best scrubbed top
Small painted set of drawers
Small one door hanging cupboard in dry black paint
Early buttery cupboard constructed with rose head nails
Small drysink/bucket bench with zinc liner
Painted wood box
Tabletop all original early painted chest of drawers
Bucket bench
And so much more!

I look forward to seeing you at this fun show!

In the mean time, stay warm, well, and safe travels to Nashville!

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